Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Some Notes on Identifying VB.Net Compiled Assemblies

I've been looking at .NET based keyloggers/infostealers lately as I've seen an increase in samples being delivered via phishing emails. One thing that I've noticed was that a lot of the samples shared similar functionality, looked to directly copy core functions or were simply re-factored versions being passed as 'new' keyloggers.

Looking at some analysis's online though would describe samples I would be tracking as VisualBasic as C# and vice versa. This was confusing with samples I was tracking as being copied from another variant as I expected them be the same source language.

I started looking at how VisualBasic and C# are compiled and if you could determine the source language of a .NET assembly. The following examples are simple 'Hello World' applications written in C# and VisualBasic.

With the exception of the string content we can see that the IL instruction set is identical in both the C# and VisualBasic assemblies.

If we expand this to include all of the sample assemblies instructions we do see a difference within the exception clause. In the VisualBasic IL there are two additional instructions that have been added.

  • Dup - (Duplicate the value on the top of the stack.)
  • Call SetProjectError

The setProjectError method is described as:

This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.The Visual Basic compiler uses this helper method to capture exceptions in the Err object.

Looking for information on the setProjectError method I came across a post on the microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb list where Niklas from the complier team replied "The extra two calls are there to support the 'On Error' language feature which was retained to make it easier to upgrade from VB6 to VB.NET..."

This gives an indicator when looking at IL if it was generated using the VisualBasic compiler (vbc.exe). Within the catch clause the compiler will emit setProjectError and depending on the logic ClearProjectError. We don't see the second call in the example as the exception is thrown.

To test this I decompiled the VisualBasic compiled application and exported the IL as C#. Looking at the generated C# code there is the call to SetProjectError and a reference to Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices. If the source code was generated from IL compiled using the C# compiler, we would see 'throw exception;' with no reference to the SetProjectData method.

Another potential indicator that can be used to identify a VisualBasic compiled assembly is the inclusion of the class StandardModuleAttribute which is documented as:

This class provides attributes that are applied to the standard module construct when it is emitted to Intermediate Language (IL). It is not intended to be called directly from your code.

VB.NET modules identical to a class with only shared members. When looking at emitted IL the module is compiled as a sealed class and that there is an additional reference to StandardModuleAttribute.

Generally determining the source language isn't needed when examining .NET malware as the assembly will have identical functionality. But it can be helpful when tracking evolution or variants of malware samples. The VisualBasic compiler (vbc.exe) will emit a number of instructions which are specific to VisualBasic compiled assemblies.

There are a number of other additional attributes which are generally specific to VisualBasic assemblies that can also be used as indicators such as the use of the My Feature and a number of other classes referenced within the CompilerServices Namespace.

Although these are specific to VisualBasic, C# applications could still reference functionality within VisualBasic namespaces. Obfuscation may also cloud the inclusion of these and isn't something I've looked into, but as they are references to the framework they should still be evident in samples. 




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